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Babywearing is an alternative parenting: attachment parenting style: (philosophy which includes extended breastfeeding, communal sleeping and baby-wearing)

Connection between me and my baby. When they ask me about Babywearing I can have a lot of words, but always a picture is worth tan thousand words.



In our case it was a Blessing. A Lifestyle, a philosphy, a help all times.

Whether going on a trip with one suitcase and two backpacks with the baby in tow tied to the back, or cleaning or doing the endless tasks of home, adding in my case, the care of my horses, dogs, cats, house field and a long and endless etc.

We must also mention the closeness, that small body joined to ours, listening to his breathing, feeling his little heart beating … that breath that fills us with pure and infinite love …
Babywearing is Magic and there are no words to describe it …

In this endless world of babywearing, every day I try to continue learning.

I trained as a Babywearing Instructor, and I can advise each family on the Carry- system that best suits their needs, lifestyle, and baby’s age.

If you need advice on what type of Baby Carrier to use, contact me.

I will be happy to help you.