About byMami


byMami is a project that was created, like a seed, during my motherhood. As a complement of upbringing, it has made me discover a whole world of possibilities that I completely ignored and it has made my life easier during all this time, at the same time that it fills me with satisfaction and pride every time I see my daughter with some of my clothes, or gift some detail for a birthday, craftsman 100% handmade by me.

“Actually it all started as a hobby, a hobby where I immersed myself and I liked to find myself enjoying every piece of clothing, every useful diaper, or even on the days that I myself premiered a garment
or accessory. For me it was simply a love for my creativity and the world of DIY (Do It Yourself)”

For that reason, I wanted to give life to this project, to start presenting my idea to the world, to be able to transmit everything that a simple piece of clothing, a simple cloth diaper, conveys to me, choosing the combination of several fabrics in one , that small remnant that can still give a lot of itself and become a fist, a detail, or simply a piece of reinforcing fabric in a certain place …