Clothing Mum & Kids

Have you never noticed that when you are going to be parents even today, the choice of clothes in stores is still very limited in terms of colors?
Or you have the typical pink for girls, or blue for children…

And what about the orange? Green? Yellow? Purple? Combined? That was one of the reasons why I started sewing clothes for my daughter. For combining all those fun colors together. That combination that amuses me so much. See the fabrics in the suppliers, imagine clothes with it, one in combination with another, new and fun designs.


The garments are made of organic cotton with GOTS and / or OEKOTEX certification.


ByMami’s clothes are colorful, fun and cheerful. The cotton knit (with GOTS certificate) soft and loving leaves the skin perspiring and our little ones can move freely without anything oppressing them. The fabric is ideal to combine with the use of diapers, since when bulking the diapers plus the culete, the knitted fabrics and the custom pattern leave enough space.